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Klaire Labs® is now SFI Health™

Klaire Labs® has been part of the SFI Health family for many years leading the way in efficacy, safety, quality, and trusted by healthcare professionals to deliver better outcomes for their patients. We will be transitioning the Klaire Labs® brand to the SFI Health brand which will become more prominent on our packaging and materials. While we might be changing the way things look, you can be sure our commitment to consistency and quality will be as strong as always.

The Brand you Know and Love is Changing.

Rest assured that the ingredients and formulation remain the same. If you’re looking for something in particular, and can’t find it, it’s likely because the name changed. We’ll update this list as the new bottles and labels are in market so check back often.  

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Our Products May Have a New Name

See new names within each category below.


Focus for every kind of mind. Intellectual activities such as learning, thinking, attention, reasoning and memory are critically dependent on optimal cognitive health.

Old Name

New Name

· ABx Support™

Ther-Biotic® ABx Support™

· BioSpora

Ther-Biotic® BioSpora

· BiotaGen®

Ther-Biotic® BiotaGen®

· Candida Complex

Ther-Biotic® Candida Complex

· EpiCor® 90 cap

Ther-Biotic® Postbiotic

· ImmunoMax™ Capsules


· Interfase®

Ther-Biotic® Interfase

· Interfase®

Ther-Biotic® Interfase Plus

· LactoPrime™ Plus

Ther-Biotic® LactoPrime™ Plus

· Pro-5®

Ther-Biotic® Pro-5®

· Saccharomyces Boulardii

Ther-Biotic® Saccharomyces Boulardii

· Target B2

Ther-Biotic® Target B2

· Target GB-X TM

Ther-Biotic® Target GB-X TM

· Ther-Biotic® Children’s Chewable

Ther-Biotic® Kids

· Ther-Biotic® Factor 4

Ther-Biotic® Bifido

· Ther-Biotic® Factor 6

Ther-Biotic® Leaky Gut Support

· Ther-Biotic® For Infants

Ther-Biotic® Baby

· Ther-Biotic® Women’s Formula

Ther-Biotic® Women’s

· Vital-Zymes® Chewable

Ther-Biotic® Vital-Zymes®

· Vital 10 Capsules®

Ther-Biotic® Vital 10 ®Capsules

· Vital 10 Powder ®

Ther-Biotic® Interfase


Focus for every kind of mind. Intellectual activities such as learning, thinking, attention, reasoning and memory are critically dependent on optimal cognitive health.

Old Name

New Name

· Acumen

Equazen™ Acumen™

· Cortisol Management

Calm Support

· Phosphatidyl Serine (100 mg)

SeraBella™ Plus

· Phosphatidyl Serine SF (100 mg)


· Stress Support Complex

Sleep Support


SFI Health™ has put our knowledge and expertise into producing a unique set of nutraceuticals that support your overall health and wellbeing.

Old Name

New Name

· Magnesium Chelate Powder

Magnesium Chelate Powder

· Ultra K2

Ultra K2 Menatetrenone-4

Frequently Asked Questions.

What happened to Klaire Labs?

The name that built the legacy of our high-quality products for the last 50 years will remain a part of who we are. Klaire Labs has been part of SFI Health since 2013. Our companywide rebrand to SFI Health allows us to bring more research, product innovation, and services to better suit the needs of you, our customers. To learn more about the history of our formulations, visit our website.

Who is SFI Health?

SFI Health is a global, natural healthcare company for clinicians and their patients. We passionately develop world class solutions for complex health problems in the areas of microbiome and cognitive health so that healthcare professionals and consumers can navigate their way to wellbeing.

Why are you updating the look of your products?

Our primary goal is to have all our high-quality formulations under one company and brand name. SFI Health is a global company with a goal to unlock nature’s secrets to share them with the world to improve the quality of people’s lives.

To align with our health areas of focus, we’ve color-coded our product labels. If you’re looking for microbiome support and our Ther-Biotic® products, you’ll find them with blue labels. If you’re looking for cognitive health support and Equazen® products, look for the orange labels. And, for all other wellbeing products we offer, you’ll find them with yellow labels.

Our new label approach was reviewed by healthcare professionals and consumers who validated the simplicity in finding what they need within this color-coded system, leading to an easier way to shop for products.

When will the new packaging be available?

Packaging improvements will be introduced gradually from now until the end of 2023. Rest assured the product on the inside contains the same trusted formulation, serving-size, and benefits you’ve come to rely on.

Are the formulations the same?

Yes, the product on the inside contains the same trusted formulation, serving-size, and benefits. Some of our products will be receiving naming updates. As these are changed, and available for purchase, we will communicate these changes with you. If you have any questions please reach out to our Customer Service team at (775) 850-8800 or email customerserviceusa@sfihealth.com.

Can I still use product in the former packaging?

As with any of our products, whether new or old labels, please follow the expiration dates printed on the packaging. Of course, during this transition, you may see the current and new packaging in the market. The product on the inside is identical.

How will I be able to tell if it’s the same product as the one I am used to seeing?

Many of our product names will stay the same. However, some formulas will receive a new name. At this time, all formulas, ingredients, and serving- sizes for each product will remain the same. In the event a name changes, we will contact those who have previously purchased those products to notify them of this change. In addition, you can check the list of products receiving a name change on our website. If you have any questions or are having trouble finding a formula, please contact our customer service team at (775) 850-8800 or email customerserviceusa@sfihealth.com.

What is changing on the product label?

Along with the colors and design, some of our products will be receiving a new name or claim on the front of the label.